On The Issues

  1. Taxes: The abolition of the Spring Valley Tax Assessor’s office has caused unacceptable increases to many homeowner’s property tax bills. Emilia White.
    opposed this action. She said  “I don’t know how anybody in their right mind” would do this. Our opponents, Trustees Fonvil and Grossman, pushed this through causing a massive tax increase to many homeowners. We opposed this action and we will do everything legally possible to reverse it and return sanity to Spring Valley property tax structure.
  2. Rent: Too many residents are paying unreasonably high rent. Our team has joined with residents to lobby the Rockland County Rent Guidelines Board to achieve a rent freeze for three years in a row in rent stabilized apartments. We have also worked with Rockland Legal Aid to assist victims of gentrification in Avon Gardens, and in forcing landlords to make improvements in substandard housing.
  3. Roads and Traffic: Emilia White voted for the bond to repave village roads. This work was long overdue and village residents are finally getting some relief from rough roads and potholes. Emilia is the only board member to regularly question the traffic implications of new development proposals, many of which could increase traffic on our already congested village streets.
  4. S-STAR: This so-called “rebate” is not funded. There is no other source for these checks other than the villages own tax base. Our opponents are essentially borrowing money in your name, writing you a check with your own money, to be paid back by you, the Spring Valley taxpayer, (with interest!) and presenting it as if it was a gift! Don’t be fooled!