Tax Insanity

This year Spring Valley property tax payers got hit with huge increases.

Our candidate for Mayor, Emilia White, opposed abolishing the assessor’s office, which caused this catastrophe for the people of Spring Valley.

The issue was covered by The Rockland County Times, The Journal News, and Preserve Ramapo.

The new assessments favor corporations over homeowners. It isn’t fair and it isn’t right.

The people of Spring Valley don’t deserve double digit tax increases.

We will do whatever it takes to get a fair assessment for every village property owner.

Stop the rent increase in Spring Valley

Is your rent already too high? Come to the annual meeting of the rent control guidelines board. Last year, Deputy Mayor Emilia White helped organize residents of Spring Valley to attend and we got the board to freeze rent for two years! This year we hope to get similar results. Don’t miss this important meeting!
Sign up for the event on Facebook at:

Campaign Underway

Our Campaign kickoff was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came out; thanks to Leonardo Vera for his wonderful music, and thanks to News 12, Patch and The Rockland County Democratic Committee for promoting it!

The next step is getting petitions signed. You can sign up to help us with this important task, or any of the many other tasks that will be needed, on our volunteer sign-up page.

We are also seeking donations to our campaign. Whatever you can give now will help us to buy the literature, signs, and other advertising that any campaign needs to get its message to the voters. Please use PalPal, but you can send a check also. The information is on our donation page.

Thank you!

Kickoff Update

New additions to our program for May 31:

We will have musical entertainment by singer-songwriter Leonardo Vera!

WE will have a presentation by Micheal Miller about CUPON (Citizens United to Protect Our Neighborhoods) and how we in Spring Valley can be active in this organization!

We will also have light refreshments and of course information about our candidates, and how you can be part of the campaign.

Democracy needs politeness

Who knew that politeness could be revolutionary? It turns out that despots and kings don’t need to be polite, they rule by bullying and by force. But in a democracy, if you want the support of your fellow citizens, you need to be polite and respectful to them. Makes sense!

Read about it: