On the Reform Line

We are very sorry to report that we did not win the Democratic Primary election on Sept 12. We had very much wanted to run in November on that ballot line. All of our candidates are registered Democrats.

However, we are going to be on the Reform Party Line in the November 7 general election.

We feel that the voters of Spring Valley deserve to have a choice. We believe the candidate who won the Democratic primary, disgraced former judge Alan Simon, will not improve the image of our village. The NY State judicial watchdog panel found that he abused his judicial position by bullying, harassing and threatening his staff, fellow judges and village officials with arrest or contempt of court, and that he gave false testimony at his hearing.

His temperament and judgement were so poor that he was removed from being a judge in both Spring Valley and Ramapo.

We believe that the people of Spring Valley deserve a Mayor who is respectful, competent and honest. Emilia White embodies all of these qualities. We offer the voters a choice on November 7th. They can have White, DosReis, and Clerveaux – a team that has earned your trust by standing up for your children against powerful interests that were destroying their schools. A team that has earned your trust by standing up to slumlords. A team that has earned your trust by opposing the abolition of the tax assessor, a move which which resulted in doubling many homeowners taxes while giving huge breaks to corporations and slumlords.

For these reasons, we ask for your support and your vote on the Reform Party Line on November 7.

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